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Restore your smile with dentures!

Dentures provide patients an affordable option for restoring function and appearance to your smile.


At McCullough Dental Centre we fully support the use of dentures as a restorative treatment…

Many people believe that because there are so many permanent restorative options available that traditional treatments like dentures are becoming obsolete. This is not the case as dentures are still one of the most affordable and functional restorative treatments available today. At our clinic in Sunnybank we continue to offer dentures to our patients who want to restore their ability to eat and smile with confidence and ease.  

How are dentures different from dental implants?

Dentures and dental implants seek to provide patients with similar outcomes and to restore their ability to eat and speak with confidence. The only resounding difference between dentures and dental implants is that dentures are removable options for patients while dental implants are inserted into the patient’s mouth for a non-removable option. Dentures are also more affordable in comparison to dental implants and do not require any surgical options to have them placed.  

Partial dentures replace sporadic missing teeth… 

A partial denture is used for patients who want to replace their missing teeth but still have existing natural teeth in place. A partial denture  is custom made to blend in with the existing  natural teeth. A denture allows the patient to regain normal function in their ability to eat and drink properly. After the denture is placed, it can take 2-3 weeks to feel comfortable. 

Complete dentures replace rows of missing teeth…

A complete denture is used for patients who lack teeth all together. A complete denture is completely fabricated in an ideal appearance and function of a ‘normal’ smile and will be custom-made to fit inside the patient’s mouth comfortably. Because there are no teeth to support the denture, a complete denture is supported by the jawbone. After dentures are placed in the patient’s mouth they are tested and fitted to ensure that they are completely comfortable. However, like partial dentures, the complete dentures can take a little time to get used to but eventually they can feel natural inside your mouth.

In some situations,  especially with lower full dentures, patients can experience the benefits of dental implants to secure and stabilise a full lower denture to prevent it from moving around in the mouth. The team at McCullough Dental Centre have an integrated implant treatment centre and can offer implant stabilised dentures  if patients are having difficulty with conventional dentures. 

At McCullough Dental we can walk you through your denture treatment so that you are completely satisfied and comfortable with the end result…

If you are interested in restoring your smile and regaining your ability to eat and chew again then dentures might be the best restorative option for you. At McCullough Dental Centre we are more than happy to help patients discover their best options via a first visit consultation. 

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