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Quality care for the family!

Our professional check-ups and customised treatments create dental care for the whole family


Dental implants replace missing teeth!

Replacing missing teeth with dental implants will help you eat, laugh and smile again…


Protect your teeth during sport!

A custom-made mouthguard can make a huge difference between a great game and an emergency visit.


Teeth Whitening that actually works!

Our highly ethical dentists offer teeth whitening treatments that are safe and show results…


to the McCullough Dental Centre

Keeping our community smiling for over thirty five years…

Are you looking for a dental centre that offers quality care by experienced, ethical and caring dentists? With over thirty five years of experience, McCullough Dental Centre in Sunnybank, Queensland, has consistently provided our community dutifully with dental services that have inspired many to spread the word about our quality care. We are dedicated to providing our community with a range of dental treatments designed to accommodate the whole family and to genuinely look after you as soon as you walk through our door. The McCullough Dental Centre is conveniently located in the McCullough Medical Centre next to the Sunnybank Hospital, across the road from McDonald’s. We are easily reached via public transport.

Providing genuine care and consideration for our patients and their families…

At McCullough Dental Centre we strive to make our patients feel secure and genuinely looked after. Our personal philosophy focuses on genuinely looking after and caring for our patients and their families to ensure that they receive treatment that is best for them. Our team is forged by highly trained and attentive individuals who take pride in the quality of their work. Our compassionate team has created long lasting relationships with their patients through dedication and commitment and we enjoy seeing patients revisit our dental practice.

Education and prevention go hand in hand with our focus on children’s dentistry…

Children’s teeth are designed to fall out but they also set the stage for future adult teeth, and at McCullough Dental Centre we fully support children’s dentistry to ensure children have excellent oral health. Education on how to properly care for their teeth is imperative to how they will keep their teeth in the future. Establishing healthy relationships with their dentist will go a long way to achieving excellent oral health for life. We understand that visiting the dentist can be a little daunting for any child and that is why we ensure our patients are comfortable, well informed and genuinely looked after before commencing any treatment.

United by a group of like-minded professionals, McCullough Dental Centre holds a high standard for ethical and quality treatments…

At McCullough Dental Centre, our team of highly trained and attentive individuals are all registered with the Dental Board of Australia and as such, keep up-to date on all the latest developing standards, codes and guidelines for the dental profession.  We provide a range of general dental treatments to the highest standard. Our centre aims to provide a wide variety of services to support the development of optimal oral health. We take particular pride in our ability to provide quality restorative treatments like dental implants which have completely revolutionised the way dentists are replacing missing teeth.