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Prevent decay with sealants!

Our pit and fissure sealant treatment can prevent damage and decay.


At McCullough Dental Centre we offer treatments to help all stages of tooth decay…

Tooth decay is one of the most damaging conditions that can slowly but surely erode tooth enamel. This leaves teeth weakened and more susceptible to breakages. This is why at McCullough Dental Centre in Sunnybank we strive to provide patients with preventive and restorative treatments to help improve their oral health no matter what their stage of tooth decay is.

At McCullough Dental Centre we assess all of our patients’ dental health during their consultations, to ensure that any signs of tooth decay are properly seen to early on. 

Stop tooth decay in its tracks with dental sealants…

Everyone, no matter the age can be affected by tooth decay and one of the most effective methods for preventing tooth decay in children to mature adults is a dental sealant application. A dental sealant is a clear/white gel that is coated over the problem area to prevent plaque and bacteria from gathering. This is usually in the pits and fissures of the teeth (which is why you might see that dental sealants are referred to as ‘fissure sealants’ or ‘pit sealants’). These areas are grooves on the crown of your tooth that allow the teeth to grind and chew.  

At McCullough Dental Centre in Sunnybank we can restore and prevent further tooth decay with a dental sealant…

Dental Sealants are a simple non invasive procedure that can make a huge difference to your oral health. The ideal time to place a fissure sealants is upon eruption of the tooth prior to it having a chance to develop caries. The pits and fissures of the teeth (especially the molars) are the most likely areas to develop tooth decay. If left unattended decay can lead to internal bacterial exposure such as pulpitis (infection of the inner tooth pulp) which in turn can cause the tooth to die. Although this process takes time, your adult teeth are the only teeth that you have and once they are gone they are not growing back.

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